Starting its trading life as Yavuz Torna – Freze in 1989, our company had operated in manufacturing and repairment of machinery parts until 1989. Company started to engage in plastic industry as Yavuz Plastik in 1989. Being a family company and engaging in manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom accessories for 10 years, our company changed its business area and started to operate in manufacturing of rack systems and accessories. At the beginning of 2007 starting to struggle for having an institutional identification for the purpose of giving much better services to our customers, our company has institutionalized its structure and has been incorporated company. Our company continues its operations under the name of Plastik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. in its factory which is located on 3000 m2 area. Our service principle: We want to success the things which are considered as impossible. Because our customers always want impossible things according to us. We struggle customers to feel themselves important with our sincere behaviours. We act to our customers just as what we hope to be acted to us We consider acting respectful to our customers as our income by taking care mainly on our works and customers We definitely dont make distinction between our customers Each customer in Yavuz Plastik is special and valuable for us. We make the best and the most qualified works which we do. This is one of the fact which makes us different from other companies We dont make comments about our rivals to gain customers Instead of making excuses for our faults, we try to fix problems and faults by considering the faults are stemed from us.

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